Jenny's sessions, teachings and interactions are a co-creation with you which will bring about subtle and profound shifts in your consciousness that will impact positively and powerfully in your life. Soul Radiance® is designed to support your personal and spiritual empowerment and soul connection.

The purpose of my work is to help you connect to who you really are - An amazing, powerful & magnificent Soul.

I facilitate a variety of workshops, many of which I have written myself through my own personal spiritual experiences and inner guidance. All workshops are designed to support you to become who you really are - divinity.

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Reiki Levels
Sound Healing
Energy Awareness
Crystal Healing
Develop your Intuition
Women's Enrichment Programs
Caring for you

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Reiki 1- Level 1 is a two day workshop. The student learns the history of Reiki, the precepts of Reiki, and receives four attunements, which enables them to channel Reiki healing energy. The attunement process will also increase the student's personal energetic vibratory rate. Students learn and practice the Reiki hand positions for treating self and others. Energy awareness and knowledge of the chakra system is taught, as well as healer hygiene, preparation for a session, preparation of self and recipient, boundary setting, self love and empowerment. Reiki 1 is designed to bring about change and healing in your own life, as well you can assist others and in particular your family.

Reiki 2 - Level 2 is a two day workshop. As a student of Reiki 2 you receive further attunements, and learn and have the opportunity to practice with the three Reiki 2 symbols. Level 2 increases your vibratory rate and helps you to advance spiritually and personally whilst developing your intuitive abilities. Wonderful growth and transformation can occur on many levels.

Reiki Master/Teacher - This is your professional training in the teaching and attuning of others to the Universal Reiki Energy. This training includes a variety of teachings & experiences.

Reiki Worshops

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This workshop on Energy Awareness will increase your level of understanding on how you consciously and unconsciously communicate to self and with others.

Everyone and everything is made up of energy and during this workshop you will learn about -:

  • energy & the energy system
  • chakras & their role
  • identify what affects your personal energy system
  • being grounded & present with yourself
  • basic energy healing techniques
  • practical exercises to build your energy
  • various meditations to clear
  • build energy and connect to your higher soul
A strong and healthy energy system will create balance, harmony and transformation in your life.

Energy Awareness Workshop 

Most people are unaware of how their every day thoughts, words and deeds impact on their life and that of others.

"It is time for us to wake up"

When you commit to your development of self there are many shifts that occur in your internal and external worlds.

This is a 2 day workshop where you are supported and nurtured in a safe space. A certificate and a comprehensive information manual is included.

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This workshop will provide you with a depth of theory and practical exercises that will increase your understanding and knowledge so you will deepen your connection to self, others and the spiritual world through the development of your innate intuitive abilities.

The opportunity to experience and practice many simple practical techniques are included in this workshop to assist you to develop your intuition. The teachings will be conducted in a group situation facilitated by an experienced Healing Practitioner within a supportive and nurturing environment. An information manual is included with this workshop.

It is time to wake up & be authentic to who we really are...

Develop Your Intuition Worshop 

Testimonial - Develop Your Intuition


Is a self-care and awareness workshop for 'Therapist & Customer Service Providers".

This is a 3 hour training program designed to promote a deeper level of self awareness for the attending participants. This program will bring about more balance and well-being in your life as you learn about yourself.

As a Customer Service Provider you are dealing with many people of varying personalities on a daily basis so it is important you know how to detach from problems, issues, emotions and energies of others.

We will discuss caring for self and self awareness, balance in life, how to re-energise, create ambiance in your sacred space, learn simple tools to manage your stress, self awareness questionnaires and much more. An information folder is included with this training.

Caring For You Workshop

 Testimonial - Caring for You




This is a day of sounds, healing, joy, fun, expression & liberation where you will gain a higher awareness and deepening connection to self through your own unique sounds.

Everyone and everything is made up of energy of various frequencies. Sound can help to correct imbalance in your personal frequencies and has been used to heal and access higher consciousness for thousands of years.

Liberate your voice & sacred sounds through -:

  • Sound - Om's, chakra chants & healing mantras
  • Body movement with intuitive sounds
  • Self reflection through journaling
  • Give and receive a group harmonious sound bath
  • Increase your confidence and own your power
  • Receive a Chakra Sound Healing 

Open yourself to receive more joy and abundance in your life through sound as you create flow and become more confident expressing your truth.

Sound can help you to access your "Ancient Remembrance".

Expression and truth is power. To be empowered, to feel safe to truthfully express self, and to be liberated you must first love yourself - JG

Some comments from Sound Healing Workshops:

I loved it and want to do more!

Loved Jenny's encouraging and nurturing nature.

Felt comfortable and safe to explore sound.

It felt easy to let go of inhibitions and have fun with sound.

Well presented, joyful, energizing and grounding.

I learnt so much more than I expected.  

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Photo - Sound Healing 


Crystal Awareness

This 1 day workshop will increase your knowledge, awareness and intuition of crystals and gemstones.

At this workshop you will learn about -:crystals and their formation, what crystals can be used for, natural quartz crystals, how to choose your crystals, how to care for your crystals, cleansing and charging your crystals, programming and dedicating your crystals, crystal jewellery, chakras and the crystals that resonate with them, list of crystals most frequently known and used, lead crystals, information of fakes and forgeries of crystals, practical experience of intuitive exercises and meditation with crystals.

Crystal Workshops

A certificate and comprehensive crystal information manual is included.

This workshop is a wonderful prelude to the "Crystal Healing Workshop'.

Testimonial - Crystal healing 1 

Crystal Healing

This is a 2 day workshop where you will become confident and competent in facilitating various Crystal Healing sessions. Crystals are one of the earth's treasures and part of the mineral kingdom. They have many qualities, one of which is their healing ability. In this workshop you will increase your awareness of crystals, their energies, and develop a greater confidence using them for healing purposes.

You will learn how to -:

  • Prepare and create a sacred space
  • Grounding and types of crystals to use for grounding
  • Crystals & chakra
  • Various crystal healing techniques and lay outs

An important aspect of this workshop is to learn to love, respect and honour your crystals. When you truly do this you are already a wonderful crystal therapist / healer. Your connection to your crystals will always guide you for the highest purpose.

A certificate and comprehensive crystal information manual is included.

Testimonial - Crystal Healing 2

Advanced Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a beautiful technique. Expand your consciousness at this transformational Advanced Crystal Healing workshop.

Through various methods, techniques, and meditations this 2 day workshop is an extension of the 'Crystal Healing Workshop" and will provide you with a deeper awareness and connection to yourself, your crystals and Universal Energies while expanding your consciousness.

The workshop is comprised of Meditations including: -

  • Connection to your crystals, soul energy, Guidance and Earth
  • Theory
  • Invocations
  • Intuitive techniques with your crystals
  • New crystal healing techniques channelled from Higher Guidance
  • Practical participation in crystal healing

A comprehensive manual is included.

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There are several short programs in this series -:

Speaking with Confidence

In this program you will interact with other women in a positive and supportive group and will develop greater confidence when speaking in any situation in your life.

This program includes 3 sessions facilitated over 4 weeks (run fortnightly) to enable you time to integrate the content and awareness of your experience.

In each session you will present a short talk and receive positive & supportive feedback from the group which will enable you to be aware of any areas you wish to improve on. You will also fill in your own checklist and identify patterns for you to resolve.

Participating with others in a group situation provides many opportunities for growth.

Each session will run over 3 hours and is limited to 8 participants.

Women's Enrichment Workshops

Managing Stress

In this program you will learn how to become more self aware and how to identify and manage stress in your life.

You will -: -

  • Learn how to do a basic breathing and relaxation exercise
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Identify your body’s reactions and your emotional responses to a situation causing stress in your life
  • Do written exercises to assist you to identify and manage stress
  • Learn through interacting with other group participants

Connect to your Inner Stillness

In this 3 hour program you will experience relaxation, meditation, time to connect into your innate stillness within and time for a self awareness questionnaire exercise.

This exercise will grant you greater awareness as you have met your inner core of stillness. Once you feel this stillness and peace you will want to maintain this in your everyday life.

Nurturing The Self

In this program you will interact with other women by giving and receiving nurturing in a supportive and loving group.

Each person will give and receive a pampering session – foot massage, hand massage, head massage, or hands on healing.

There are some questions to answer to assist you to be in deeper awareness of self and to create positive and empowered changes in your life.

This session will be facilitated over 3 hours and is limited to 8 participants.

Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of another - El Moyra -JG



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